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Hi, my name is Brian Johnson! I started out in online 
e-commerce in 2007 on eBay where I grew to double-Gold PowerSeller status in the banking equipment niche. I sold that company in 2011 to pursue affiliate marketing and return to online software development. In 2013, one of my previous business associates pulled me into ASM2 where I started sourcing and selling my own products on Amazon. After a couple of product line successes and 
setbacks, I was about to launch my third product in 2014 when a friend asked me to consult for a brand that was struggling on Amazon due to the flood of new, trained sellers. I stepped in as consultant to manage their Amazon sales channel with over 300 SKUs to apply ASM tactics, realign some of their products to better categories, troubleshoot common Amazon listing and competition issues, and start Amazon advertising. Word of mouth led me to several other clients that often wanted specific consulting and troubleshooting related to their Amazon advertising. In early 2015, I made the decision to focus on Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) advertising and by mid-2015 I had shifted entirely to consulting on Amazon PPC. As a result of my own needs, I started developing my own custom set of procedures to help me manage the data and reports that Amazon provides to understand better how to start, fix and grow product sales using pay-per-click advertising, and to date I've not only managed & learned from over $50,000,000 dollars in ad spend, but I've also successfully helped hundreds of my own students learn, and take control of their Sponsored Products Campaigns... and now I want to share the exact process map that I use, personally, with you! 


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